Piccolino you are the miracle of life! Papaboys: Love letter to the boy under the rubble for 140 hours

Piccolino you are the miracle of life! Papaboys: Love letter to the boy under the rubble for 140 hours

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Piccolino you are the miracle of life! A 7-month-old baby survived more than 140 hours – almost 6 days – under the earthquake ruins of Turkey and Syria, before being rescued overnight in Antakya district of southern Hatay province.

The Love Letter Museum of Torrevecchia Teatina (Italy) received a love letter as a gift from Daniele Venturi, national president of Papaboys. Enjoy reading!

Piccino (tiny Baby), you are the miracle of life with your eyes filled with fear

“I saw your photo – Thus begins Venturi’s letter – and was glued to my computer for a few minutes, thinking. Then, I decided that your name, for me, is Piccino (read le letter in Italian). I quickly decided to write you this letter and publish it on this sheet, without rereading it, so simple and spontaneous, above all how my heart felt it. Hello Piccino, I’m so happy to know you have been saved from the rubble of the earthquake between Syria and Turkey after 140 hours, that I couldn’t wait to meet your eyes, even if full of fright and through the pixels of a cold screen you are able to let shine and to enliven”.

Hazma and the miracle of life

The rescue of the seven-month-old boy found alive after more than 140 hours under the rubble in the Antakya district of the southern Turkish province of Hatay is a true miracle. In the eyes of that child, whose name is Hazma, in the photo taken shortly after the rescue, all the pain of the tragedy exudes.

You are life in action, you are a river in full swing, hope that screams

Your strength and your determination – continues the message delivered to the Love Letter Museum -are the real gift of life that men are no longer able to hold and appreciate. Your ability to survive such difficult circumstances is a proof of your strength of your indomitable spirit. You are Life, you are a flooded river, you are hope screaming from your land and reaching a sky higher than the one above our empty heads. Piccino, I wish you to know you are already very loved, suddenly the world realized you exist; there are many people who care about you and who are waiting for you, in order to offer you all the love and care you deserve. We are all so happy Piccino, as you are still among us and we do hope you’ll see all the wonders of the World. Always remember you are the true miracle of life and that your strength and determination are an inspiration to all of us. We are here for you, whenever you need us”.

Stop the war, save other little guys from bombs

“I already have to ask you a favor Piccino: start immediately – concludes Daniele Venturi -to stop the war in your country, save other little babies like you from the inexorable bombs that adults like me are throwing against you. Improve, improve the land where you live, Piccino, with the will-power, taking your risks, with all the blessings that the God of your faith, who is also mine, will continue to lavish upon you. Amen”. Daniele

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