Milano Between Past and Present: The Borromeo family and the Role of Social Network by Filitalia Phladelphia

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Would you like to know more about Borromeos family, their fascinating history and continuing allure of glamour, to help us understand more about Milan both past and present? Follow Angela Cacciarru and her reserches for an an immersive journey bringing together past and present

(UMDI UNMONDODITALIANI) Who are The Borromeos? They were, and still are an influential family in the cosmopolitan and refined city of Milano, Italy. Would you like to know more about this famous family, their fascinating history and continuing allure of glamour, to help us understand more about Milan both past and present? Would you like to use a modern approach in order to know more about how social media is playing a role in the preservation of the myth of the Borromeo family and perpetuating the public’s fascination with the lives of its younger family members? Follow Angela Cacciarru and her reserches for an immersive journey bringing together past and present, and you will be astounded by the ancient roots of the Borromeo family’s prestige, and the very modern representation of their current power!

BUT… WHO IS ANGELA CACCIARRU?Angela was born and raised in Italy, and has more than twenty years of experience as an instructor of Italian language and culture. She got her BA in Economics from the University of Cagliari, in Sardinia, where she also collaborated with a poetry magazine as an editor and author. She left Italy in 1990, and, since then, has developed an extensive international and multidisciplinary teaching background in the United States, Europe, and sub-Saharan Africa. She became an United States citizen in 2004. Her knowledge of Human Geography, her academic specialty since her Ph.D. at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has been important in diversifying and broadening the content of her classes.


Where? The event will take place at the History of the Italian Immigration Museum, in Philadelphia.

When? On Friday, February 7, 2020, 5.30 pm – 7 pm Light Snack (coffee & cookies), Networking, and Presentation.

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